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Of course, packing a larger sensor with more than three times the number of pixels doesn't translate into better photos: smaller pixels collect less light, which worsens image quality.

The thing is, Nokia doesn't really want you to use the full resolution of its sensor. Instead, the 808 defaults to a 5-megapixel resolution.

You may be surprised to hear, then, that at the beginning of the month I splashed the cash and bought a Mac Book Pro.

Before you ask – I did not spend £1449 on the latest 2016 model which may or may not have dodgy battery life.

According to a Pew Research study, which claims that Generation X is in fact, “American’s Neglected Middle Child,” Gen X might be devoted to keeping up with their social circles on Facebook, but they are still very traditional in their use of the social media platform: 55% of Millenials say they have shared a selfie on social media. According to e Marketer, “Since Gen Xers aren’t as likely to experiment with the latest social service to pop up, a brand that wants to connect with them in the social environment can be confident of finding them in the most obvious part of it.” And what is the most obvious social environment in the tech world? Megan Malone Megan Malone is a Founding Partner with Vici, and leads our Operations division.

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