Women dating and money

To understand her attitude, it is necessary to know her history.

Chrissie’s first husband, Pete, could have been a poster child for “financially irresponsible men.” Not long after their wedding, Pete lost his job.

Is it a turn off if a guy can't manage his money? Oh, how the ladies had some serious input on this subject. You better know how to be generous, and leave your stingy ways at the door."He doesn't need to be rich, but has to be generous, and spend wisely.

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How important is the “money factor” when searching for a partner?

Several years after a bitter divorce, Chrissie was finally ready to have another go at a romantic relationship.

Psychotherapist Olivia Mellan shows how to put money in its place.

For most people, money is never just money, a tool to accomplish some of life's goals.

This week for "What Women Really Think …", we asked ladies how they felt about men and money.

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