effective dating in peoplesoft - Windows media player library not updating

For more information about he Media Player set-up go here:

windows media player library not updating-39

But Media Player does not recognize new folder, and could not find any hint in the Media Player Help.

Teach me how to re-organize, to add new library addition to default Music library, Media there..i try to troubleshoot my progarms when this message appeared.it says that windows media player configuration setting might not be in correct...before this happen my windows media player hang as i try to rip on cd..havent notice any prob except ,my saved playlist all of pic there is... Everytime I open WMP 12, it starts updating my music library.

The update errors with the Library of the Windows Media Player 12 are caused by issues like application file or database file corruptions and other system issues that tend to cause damage to the media player.

Discussed below are some points that will help the users to fix issues with the Windows Media Player 12: The issues with the media library of the Windows Media Player 12 might be caused by a database file corruption.

The only trouble is it works only for local media; any media that is stored on a network drive that shows up in the windows media player...

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