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If this is appropriate for your environment, please contact us for a re-issue of your current license (there is no charge for this) and guidance on deployment in your organisation.

Root certificate update is ony appropriate when you are using a license file issued before 1st January 2016 or Script X version 7.6 or earlier.

Since then, we have been working, directly and through community forums, to help our partners understand and comply with the new program requirements.

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The CA Cert that I install into the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store in my server automatically get removed/disappeared as soon as a client web-browser try to connect to a web-site using an SSL cert created with that CA cert.

DETAILS: Windows Server 2008 R2 (development server).

I'd like to find a resource to install and update standard root CAs. Here is an image of the default root CAs in WS2012.

I was reading through that article, and it mostly applies to XP/2003 and below right?

Among other things, the changes included more stringent technical and auditing requirements.

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