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But he could also convey that his character was almost a millennium old.

The fussy way he wrung his hands—directly borrowed from hipster-favorite Second Doctor Patrick Troughton—is an old man’s mannerism.

It’s always refreshing to see that even huge TV stars can get starstruck when they meet people they admire.

At the weekend, Star Trek legend Wil Wheaton met David Tennant at Awesome Con – Washington DC’s version of Comic Con – and couldn't help but share his childlike enthusiasm with his followers on Twitter.

The reason why no man would dare to advocate for fat acceptance is because nobody likes whiny, weak men, and crying about how the world needs to “accept” you is the But I’m not here to complain; I’m here to help make the world a better place.

Here are several steps we can take that, if implemented by enough men, will end the scourge of obesity in record time.

The climax was written by executive producer Russell T Davies as a pastiche of science fiction romance, and described by David Tennant as "a moment of high emotion for all involved".

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