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Usually after a person breaks up with somebody, they either immerse themselves in work or they date other people.

Paparazzi spotted Bradley Cooper and Cameron Diaz several times sharing quality time around NYC, but the In the year 2009, there were several hot rumors floating around that Denise Richards was dating Bradley Cooper.

“Nelly and I are in the space where I’m kind of like focusing on my career and he’s focusing on what he’s doing …

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However, the whole idea was shut down by Denise Richards herself. Well, it certainly worked that way for Bradley Cooper since, after his divorce from Esposito, he found love again in the arms of Oscar-winning actress Renée Zellweger.

Whether it was reality or truly just a rumor, Richards certainly did not take being gossiped about very well. The pair started dating in 2009, but, his girlfriend of two years had taken a backseat in his life as his career had become his priority.

Over the weekend, a photo of the pair posted by Shantel led some to believe that the St. However, Nelly took to his Instagram letting us know that they aren’t engaged, but he plans to pop the question in the future.

He wrote: Prior to Shantel, Nelly dated singer Ashanti and was rumored to date Lashontae Reckard, who shares a child with NBA player Brandon Jennings.

However, the union didn’t last long, and Esposito filed for divorce in May of 2007.

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