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In an interview with TV Guide last year, Lewis told of his nerve-wracking first meeting with the surrogate, which he said ‘felt like a date, but also a job interview’.

In particular, he said he was worried that the surrogate would ‘Google scenes from the show and not want to work with us’.

There were so many obstacles along the way, but there's a happy ending.

” “Jeff Lewis,” they call back behind laptops and work stations tucked around the home. But this latest bundle of sweetness certainly tops them all.

The dads anxiously awaited their little one, now seven months old, fighting past the stress of having a long distance surrogate and fears of missing her birth.

"We are very excited, but I'm also a little terrified," Jeff told Executive assistant Jenni Pulos told Bravo's The Daily Dish in August that she thinks the couple will "be incredible parents." Jeff wanted to "lower the bar," as he doesn't "want the pressure," so Jenni joked, "I think they're going to be maybe less than mediocre to mediocre parents."Should Jeff ever need help with Monroe, Jenni's got him covered.

"I'm on for whatever: rap lullabies, you name it," she said.

He currently enjoys working on homes in Harbor Island and Huntington Beach as they provide a great excuse to visit with his family on a weekly basis. My mom would drop me off at Orange Mall or Main Place to meet friends, we would eat at Red Robin, bike down to Farrell’s Ice Cream. Now that I have Monroe, I think my parents probably did that just to wear us out so we’d go to sleep.” Lewis’s father, stepmom, grandmother and brother still live in OC.

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