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Brian hopes to rule NC State one day by creating a cloned army of Velociraptor Brooke studied English at Appalachian State University and Higher Education Administration at North Carolina State University. In her free time, you can find her writing fiction or participating in open mic nights or poetry slams around the Triangle.She currently serves as a Projects Coordinator for the Housing department at N. This might not sound terribly exciting, but there's a lot of classified information about Brooke that can't be shared on a public forum like the internet.

Well the biggest difference is that instead of people saying 'aren't you that girl from that video,' they know my name and talk to me like they know me because they get to see inside my life and feel like they have some sort of connection with me.

All of the feedback that I've been getting has been great.

All that’s known about Brooke is she is a video model who previously appeared on E! She’s also appeared in music videos by 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Mims, Akon, and Rich Boy. One person who’s missing from the photo above is Imani Showalter, and according to VH1’s blog she’s reportedly not returning to the show.

Jake's life coach, Lauren Frey, decided I was the right girl for him and urged him to ask me out on a date.

With my head swirling from a combination of whiskey and fireworks, I knew I was in trouble.

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