Webcam discret

Hope this helps Hehe, the OP could have written something like this: I'm a biologist and I'd like to record the blooming flowers of my Rhododendron, with my laptop's built-in webcam.

A webcam is a low-cost option for individuals who need to monitor their room while at work or on vacation.

Homeowners may have several reasons to secretly record a room, such as having proof for an insurance claim if the home is burglarized.

For example, if you place the laptop on a dining room table, the laptop may be moved to a different location at lunch time. A laptop with a built-in webcam will have webcam software installed.

If the room you're recording is empty, place the laptop on any flat surface facing the direction you want to record. Type "webcam" into the Start Menu search field to locate the software on the computer.

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