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I was quite young when I fell in love with the designs of Vera Neumann.

Both my Mother and Nana were huge fans of wearing Vera’s bright and cheerful scarves, sleeping on sheet sets that Vera designed, and putting Vera’s hand towels in the hall bathroom when guests were soon to arrive.

According to the book: The third of four children, Vera was born to Russian immigrants Fanny and Meyer Salaff on July 24, 1907, in Stanford, Connecticut.

Vera was an outdoorsy child who loved nature: exploring it, collecting it and then rendering it in pen, pencil or ink.

By the 1950s business had grown to the point where Vera employed a team of designers.

These designers were responsible for taking the original design which was done by Vera herself in the form of a 36" scarf, and translating it into other products.

Be it her playful use of color, abstractions of nature or bold patterns and shapes, there is just something special about Vera’s work…

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