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The Balearic Islands lie in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic, off the coast of Africa.

Spain also holds two cities, Ceuta and Melilla, on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco.

Nevertheless, couples have honored this custom through the centuries, and even today.

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They were all beautiful, and right for that couple.' No one is really sure when this custom started.

It is believed by many to have begun during the Victorian era, while others argue that it started much earlier than that.

Weddings in America are just as diverse as the couple who comes together to share their lives forever.

American Traditional weddings take place in a church with family and friends in attendance to help celebrate the joyous occasion. Some couples choose a wedding ceremony on a beach or in a garden.

Whatever location you choose for your wedding ceremony, here is a look at some of the customs and traditions that seem to stay with couples no matter where they are.

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