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Don't hold me responsible if you mess your xbox up. You can download the apple movie trailers video plugin and any other plugins that you may want from the svn repo installer program once you're done.

Fire up your favorite FTP client program and connect to your xbox.

Unfortunately we have no working youtube addon currently as there was an API change on youtube which stopped the older youtube addon working.

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XBMC4XBOX v3.5.1 Changelog: - Fixes for the TMDB scraper – including search, certification, and images.

- Updates to the Addons installer script – it now includes the XBMC Gotham repository, as well as the Kodi Helix repository.

That will only be needed if you loose power during the file copying process not that ruining your xbox is a sure thing but it is nice to have a back up none the less.

Also if you have any questions about this or anything pertaining to xbmc for the xbox just let me know and i will clarify as i have already done everything you can for xbmc for xbox and have encountered problems and fixed them. mode=NSAC&AR=XBOX This is the URL that will bring you to the most recent build of xbmc for xbox. It is in a file so unzip it and you will find a folder named Build. The folder contains all the files that will make your xbox into a fully updated xbmc.

You can still download and install Xbox Media Center on Xbox.

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