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Anywhere Map Quadra and Septa users: Your charts updates will continue in the normal manner.

I can't seem to find an alternative for Windows 10?

I did find one way to get the devices to connect in wmdc on win 10.

Then will appear in the Today menu the WIFI Icon where you can Power On /Off the wireless ....(As the default "Hp Wireless manager" dose not work properly). Optional you can install the office cap as usually ! I've used this rom for a couple of weeks now and so far only one problem, the wireless connection fails to reconnect after the power is turned off. Reinstall wifi IO and still disconnects after power. tried relauncing exe but i have no comms to pda from pc.

The task manager can be changed from File Explorer / root / Windwos/Start Menu/programs/ then Select that Rename to Task Manager .. NETCF 3.5 i cant cuz theres no more space to add any thing on the rom as it 32 MB ! I hope I am not committing some sort of faux pas by asking this, but what would you charge for a WM6.1 rom for an Ipaq h5550? I am dead serious about this and am willing to pay. I have sktools free version installed and could have deleted reg setting don't know though. Prefer wm5 button to wifi IO, wish there was a way to get it working again. Hi, I downloaded the software thanks btw extracted files connected pda with activesync launched hp followed on screen instructions watched progress on pda I now have an error wrong image on pda when i try to reset.

When the boot loader is loading Make HARD RESET ( By Holding " CALENDAR WIRELESS Reset " For 3 Second !

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