Updating old doors intimidating and threatening boss

And honestly, even if it had been, I just couldn’t justify that expense (really, there are just so many better ways to spend that kind of money! And so my friends, I cannot wait to show you how we saved big bucks updating our old doors with just three simple steps! There’s really no better way to transform something old than with a bit of paint.

It’s simple, it’s inexpensive and really, the possibilities are endless!

For the foyer I used the $30 cabinet-grade 1/4″ plywood because I wanted to stain it.

The $12 plywood is in the molding/paneling section (next to the beadboard) and it is pink toned on one side, which is perfect for painting.

One thing to remember: many of these projects will add bulk and weight to the door, so you may need to adjust the casing and interior trim like Jenna showed in the middle of this post and if the door is heavier, you may also need to upgrade the hinges, like April shows you how to do here.

And bifold doors can quickly and easily be turned into French doors — just follow the second half of this tutorial!

Here we are, finally nearing the end of our farmhouse style hallway makeover. It’s not done just yet, but we’re certainly making great progress!

Last modified 12-Aug-2016 15:11