Updating netboot image

You will probably have to create separate netboot sets and images for Mini's and for MBP's.

updating netboot image-9

The last, Net Restore, will copy the contents of an image to a Mac’s hard drive, making it easy to mass-deploy customized OS X images to multiple computers.

The actual setup and operation of the Net Boot service is basically identical to the way it was in Snow Leopard server (which looked a lot like Leopard’s implementation did, and so on).

The Net Boot service is one of my personal favorites - using a mix of standard PXE boot technology and some of Apple’s own mumbo-jumbo, you can use it to serve up OS images to client Macs over the network.

Its uses are diverse - you can boot up a simple operating system designed to deploy OS X images to multiple computers at once (I recommend the excellent, free Deploy Studio for this sort of work), you can serve up a vanilla OS X install disk, or you can use the System Image Utility (another of the Server Admin Tools) to capture a pre-configured OS X environment that can be served to many clients at once - the latter is particularly useful in classrooms, computer labs, public-use kiosks, and anywhere with a lot of Macs that need to look and act the same, since getting a clean instance of the OS is as easy as rebooting the system.

You should test netbooting the minis from your netboot set if you created the netboot set on anything else.

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