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Updating multiple table

Special semantics regarding UNION can also be employed to allow “recursive” queries, where a SELECT statement can draw upon the set of rows that have previously been selected.

CTEs can also be applied to DML constructs UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE on some databases, both as a source of CTE rows when combined with RETURNING, as well as a consumer of CTE rows. This is used to support backend-specific prefix keywords such as those provided by My SQL.

Before editing and saving data back to your database, you’ll need to convert the request data from the array format held in the request, and the entities that the ORM uses.

The Table class provides an easy and efficient way to convert one or many entities from request data.

To use the Add function, just pass a line of code such as Add Table Field("Test Text Field","db Text",30)or Add Table Field("Test Yes No Field","1")To Delete a Field just pass a line of code such as Delete Table Field("Text Text Field")Public Function Add Table Field(str Field, str Type As String, Optional int Length)Dim db As DAO.database, rst As DAO.

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