Updating maps on garmin nuvi 660

Yes the GPS will read from the map on the card automatically. Are you using the lifetime updater application or are you downloading directly from the website?

That is fine, let me know tommorow if you are successfull or if you need any more assistance. Hi superc21I bought a 4gb sd card , but i am sorry to report that your solution does not work . ie not enough memory on device and asking me to choose another smaller region. When was the last software update for the device performed? With the device plugged in to the computer and turned on and the memory card inserted into the device, open my computer and you should see the nuvi drive and an extra removeable drive. Hi Supercj21Thanks for responding1-I performed a update today , however the process was halted after just 5 items were updated.

Garmin City Navigator maps for the Garmin nuvi 660 in-car GPS device.

Maps available to buy include UK and Ireland, France and Benelux, Spain and Portugal, Australia and New Zealand and Southern Africa.

You purchase an SD card at any local electronics store. Thank you, i will not know if this works until i purchase a 4 GB card tomorrow.

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