Xxx bancok webcam - Updating kernel in linux mint 12

updating kernel in linux mint 12-77

I suspect we all want a nice calm winter break, so if your stuff isn’t ready to be merged early, the solution is to just not merge it yet at all, and wait for 4.11.

Just so you all know (I already bcc’d the main merge window suspects in a separate mailing last week, I’m just repeating myself here to avoid anybody being confused about timing). I’m pretty sure this is the biggest release we’ve ever had, at least in number of commits.

The new version made about 16 thousand corrections from 1719 developers, the size of the patch 45 MB changes 11042 files, added 632157 lines of code, deleted lines 354728).

About 42% of all changes associated with device drivers, approximately 19% of changes relate to updating the code for specific hardware architectures, 12% related to the network stack, 5% - file systems and 4% c internal kernel subsystems.

Short Bytes: Linux kernel 4.9 was released on December 11, and it brought along numerous hardware improvements.

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