Updating interior doors

Now this kind of project is best done with the door laying flat at a comfortable work height. So, what I’m going to do is we’re going to stick this up on the door temporarily.

After we remove the doors from the hinges we carry them outside to our work area. It’s thick enough to give you the illusion of a recessed panel which is what we want but, I want you to be absolutely sure. We attach three pieces of the molding Laura has chosen then stand the door upright so she can get a better idea of how it will actually look in place. I like the way it looks on the door and everything.

On five of the doors I also had to chisel out this notch a bit deeper because it wasn’t allowing the latch to stick far enough into the hole where it had to line up with the knobs.

This is the best I could do to get all of the doors into one shot (the master bedroom – seen above – is behind me).

The last decorative project I wanted to do in my niece’s bedroom was address her flush (flat) hollow core doors.

Neither my mom nor I wanted to spend the time or money replacing the doors, so I decided to dress up the existing doors with some simple moulding.

Like many DIY projects, adding the new knobs was a bit more complicated than we anticipated.

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