Updating from window 98 to xp dating and its just lunch

However, if you format a Windows NT4.0, Windows2000, or Windows XP volume with any file system other than NTFS, you will lose all NTFS-specific features.

Although Microsoft supports the upgrade path from Windows 95/98 to Windows XP, you'll be much better off with a fresh installation.

If you absolutely must do an in place upgrade, be sure to review the known bugs and issues below so you can prepare for them.

Likewise, Windows95 and Windows98 cannot recognize an NTFS partition and will identify it as unknown.

Therefore, if you format a Windows98 partition as FAT, and a Windows XP partition as NTFS, any files on the NTFS partition will not be available or visible if you try to access them while running Windows98.

This is a screenshot heavy post, so bear with me, this is a tale best told with pictures.

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