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For those who use a different OS, the update procedure requires some extra steps.

updating dell latitude bios-52

This week I had that very problem and wondered if I could perhaps deploy the BIOS EXE file via a Win PE environment and bypass the “installed” Windows need totally.

The “trick” seems to be that you have to use an x86 Win PE OS architecture build, rather than a x64 Win PE flavor. If you already have a working Win PE build and want to confirm (maybe you didn’t build it yourself) just run the following command in your loaded Win PE environment from a command prompt: Sadly, the Dell LTI bootable flash drive I had was running a x64 version.

That makes sense unless you are sitting on a system (or hundreds) that don’t yet have a Windows OS installed, or have replaced the HDD in the system and don’t have an OS on it.

Or maybe you do have a flaky system with a Windows OS but can’t keep it stable enough to run the BIOS EXE update file.

How do you manage the BIOS settings on your computers? While he is obviously in better shape than I am, I chose to blame genetics and not the fact that I would rather automate a task than physically do it.

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