Updating a sar

It started with an altimeter that my father, who was in the Air Force, brought home. It was a good thing it was a gift and not something that had to be put back on the plane as springs and gears shot out shortly after cracking it open.Like Humpty Dumpty, I was never able to get that altimeter back together again, however it did increase my hunger to understand not just how something works, but how do you understand what’s going on?I was curious as to what exactly was that light reporting?

If suppose you are having an issue with the system currently, Like some of your customers are unable to list some data from the database.

The first thing that most of the Linux system administrators do is to recall the same issue when it previously occurred, and If you remember the day of its previous occurrence then you can easily compare the internal system statistics with the current statistics.

The sar command extracts and writes to standard output records previously saved in a file.

This file can be either the one specified by the -f flag or, by default, the standard system activity daily data file.

There is no way, other than taking all the metrics and statistics of the machine at a definite time interval.

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