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After entering the captcha, press the button at the bottom and a ZIP file will start downloading. You can find it by clicking on the button at the bottom right corner of the Wii home menu. Go through the whole installer until it gives you the option to download the Homebrew Channel. Find any application you want, download it, extract it, and copy it into an apps folder in your SD or USB. So, now you can get stuff which is much better than original, in my opinion.Put the private folder and the into your SD card or USB. Allow it to install and you should see it in your home menu. So remember to like and subscribe and all that stuff.

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Note that USB thumb drives and flash storage are not recommended as external storage on the Wii U; Nintendo has explained that because flash storage has a maximum number of reads/writes, it's unsuitable for the type of continuous data access needed to run games.

Nintendo maintains a (currently very short) list of specific USB hard-disc drives known to be compatible with the Wii U at this link, though it's far from exhaustive - any drive that fits the basic specifications (external adaptor or Y-cable power supply, 2TB or less) should work.

is the same as its original, except with totally brand new levels.

First go to System Settings which is on the Wii home menu. If your computer knows your location it should automatically be selected on that, but if not then the U = United States, E = Europe, J = Japan, and K = Korea.

The current 2TB size limit is a restriction that Nintendo plans to remove in the future.

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