This computer must be restarted before updating can continue dating baseball gloves

For most kernel panics, updating your software is all you have to do.

this computer must be restarted before updating can continue-63

When I try to install Microsoft visual studio 2015 it gives the error "Setup Blocked".

telling me:"The computer needs to be restarted before setup can continue.

You may experience this issue if you are logged in with a Standard User account.

In order to complete the installation, Windows must execute certain commands that are available only on accounts with administrator privileges.

I typed sudo killall xscreensaver and it seemed to work, no error msg., but then I typed Start xscreensaver and restart xscreensaver all different ways and it says Unknown job: xscreensaver and Unknown job:xlockmore . Will I have to try to fix it manually from a terminal, (boot to recovery) or get mad and re-install 11.10 from my disk? Trying to update a ppc ubuntu install is nearly impossible.

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