Tamagotchi v5 dating show times

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i think my tama's are adults, and i tihnk they are, but im not unlocking the shoe or the golf game, and im worried. It wont work until you make it until the second genaration.

So go on the dating show and then you will unlock it On my first tama before i reset my v5 i got 100 bonds and could get on the dating show and ended up on my 5th generation. Now I cant get on the dating show my bonds are 100 its been for 2 days and still wont work help me!

then your tamagotchi will start singing or a question mark will come up above thier heads. it will then give you 3 things to choose from pick 1 and they will do that thing (dosnt work every time)How do you know how old you tama is and whats this thing about V5 I dont even know what that stands for!

I tried checking but it dosent tell me how old it is I know my tamas like a toddler now cos it only changed three times.

so i am just going to wait =]the dating show is a matchmaker! After they leave you will get 3 new tamas and it will be generation 2!

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