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But, creepiness aside, are there actual risks associated with, say, someone in a remote location tuning in to a baby monitor?

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Parents in Cincinnati, Ohio, heard a male voice screaming at their baby through their baby monitor, which appears to have been hacked, FOX19 reports.

According to Heather Schreck, the stranger was yelling at her 10-month-old daughter Emma, "‘Wake up baby.

Between its mockumentary approach to the family sitcom and its multi-cultural, multi-generational ensemble, Modern Family has succeeded by leaning toward stories only it could tell in this way using these characters.

That’s a perfectly reasonable approach, and if my bank account looked remotely like that of Steven Levitan or Christopher Lloyd, I would not be casting a critical eye on the approach.

"Shodan has started to grab screenshots for various services where the existing text information didn't provide much information," founder John Matherly wrote in an email.

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