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This is a review for the online personals section of

The personals section of Craigslist is broken down into nine main categories (women seeking men, men seeking women, etc.) and two other categories (miscellaneous romance and adult services). Craigslist is known for being a free and easy-to-use classifieds website, making it a popular website.

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Craigslist first started as an email list for events in San Francisco in 1995 by Craig Newmark.

In almost 15 years this classifieds website has grown to become the seventh largest English language website.

Almost a dozen years later he fortuitously met his then wife-to-be, Elizabeth Henreckson, while music directing a Cole Porter revue. Farnum spends most of his professional time tuning and repairing pianos for hundreds of customers and prestigious institutions.

He also plays for over a dozen local churches and schools.

The one big problem with Craigslist is you have to be very careful of scams and fraud.

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