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I was a little heller up the back, or a limb (of Satan)when naughty. My stepfather who's 86 and from Chumleigh and BROAD Devon still defeats my understanding sometimes! Buddle-hole: Hole in Devon bank to drain water from a road. growing up learning what she was on about sure was an education! Here in the Forest of Dean it's just called fern, and there's a lot of it.

Michael Newton Abbot what about Gurt= big (great).. most of these are just the plaindialect of the spoken word and need to be heard spoken by bey,maid or varmer person who has been brung up in the parish. ) is (or was) a greatplace to hear broad dialect used. i'm now at uni and trying to write a disseration on the plymovian accent and dialect, so any janners out there with any interesting dialect words originating from plymouth please post them!! There's a local tradition of couples using 'fern tickets' when they need privacy.

DOUG from Hampshire I don't know why, but this morning I was checking out a word my wife uses to describe something smoking a lot (like bacon or wood). Ee uzed to kick up when ee's tea went samzoey (cooled off) and you shoould ev zeed ees vit size, was like bleddy boats twas! Chris, Hong Kong To Frank - Lyme Regis I think it's an upright form of field dock found in rough pasture; my wife, a Northumbrian calls it sourdock. As a lifelong Devonian i would consider the plymothian accent to be something different entirely and dare i say it more cornish???

Miss the bugger mind, ee flitted of to work overseas. The wood sorrel in my memory is also sour and really good with cheddar. Ed from Instow Our old farm labourer used to come out with some classics: Wer be gwain (where are you going), What be dwain (what are you doing). For example my Dad, a Plymouthian always says 'Me Luvver' and if you say that to someone not from the area (esp to another man) people think it's a bit odd.

The only people joining in and socialising with our group should be people who have booked via the Social Group Admin Team in the Social Group Office on 03456 121 770.

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