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Members of Single and Sober can rest assured that when they create a profile, the pressure of how to include their own sobriety or when to disclose it is immediately alleviated.

“Mike has done a great job conceptualizing, developing, and launching Single & Sober.

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Single and Sober is now making it easier for sober singles to meet and build meaningful relationships by expanding its services nationwide, and to Canada and Australia as well.

First launched in Chicago by Mike Reed, Single and Sober became so popular that they are now expanding across the U. Single and Sober is an online sobriety and dating community that makes it easier for those in recovery to mingle.

Dating wasn’t easy for MJ Gottlieb after he kicked his alcohol addiction in March 2012.

No longer able to “sit across from a woman pounding glasses of wine and see them doing the same things I did for so long,” Mr. “If I go to one more diner, I’m just going to bury myself inside of a bottle,” Mr. He started wishing there were resources available to help him meet other sober people, and find fun social events that didn’t involve drugs or alcohol.

If your date is put off by the fact you’re not drinking then alarm bells should ring.

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