Single parents dating each other

Younger mothers in particular tend to feel they have to resign themselves to a single state.

“They would do better to gather their confidence and go actively in search of a new partner,” thinks Schiller.

I have a seven-year-old daughter and so does my boyfriend.

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The relationships we form when we “re-couple” extend past just our relationship with a new lover.

Your child may very well become attached to your boyfriend, but she may also form a strong bond with his children and a break up could be devastating for all.

The term ‘patchwork family’ has gained some currency for a family in which at least one parent brings a child from a previous relationship.

As might be expected, putting the patchwork successfully together can sometimes prove a delicate process.

more “Children: 1; Children living in your household: 0.” That describes the situation for millions of divorced and separated men and women.

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