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With traditional concepts of dating, involving coy women and flashy guys, being shelved for current social norms, the singles in the city are a bit lost on when, where and how to meet new people -- maybe just to talk over a drink, maybe for a serious relationship. Today, people are forced to take up dance classes and foreign language courses in a bid to meet new like-minded people.

There are many sites where you can find someone to date..

All you got to do is try and talk to girls wihout any inhibition first.. You can also use other social media platforms like fb, insta etc..

4" tall Average body Hair style boy cut Western n casual Long termhas visited England and the United States. I have straight black hair, height 178 cm, weight 85 kg, body type - pear I am a easy to go person, see each individual as their own personality, respect their views I am 5.

I spent my childhood in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

According to fashion guru Prasad Bidappa, "Bangalore is ready for a singles bar, but it would be filled with married men.

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