Simplify media not updating

Make sure your firewall is set to allow all Adobe applications and also the dynamiclinkmanager application located at /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/dynamiclink/[CS suite version]/dynamiclinkmanager.

Dynamically linked projects do not support the Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously option.

This can result in the wrong project appearing in your Premiere timeline.

simplify media not updating-22

Once you have added your music collection to your QNAP NAS it will automatically organize it into categories for easy browsing and streaming. You can stream your music to Airplay, Chromecast, DLNA and Bluetooth devices.

You can also choose to upload songs to your home directory by selecting "Private Collection".

You can change the default upload folder in "Settings".

The default folder for uploading from "Songs" is "Multimedia".

Using the log information, users can also create video transmission packages without rendering media - as these package only reference existing media in the master assets.

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