Silverlight combobox selectedvalue not updating Free chat with sexy black woman

When the application is run and the Combo Box selection is changed, the Text Block’s text updates as expected.When you click Clear selection, both the Combo Box and Text Block clear: Finally, making another selection in the Combo Box demonstrates the issue: What’s going on here?

silverlight combobox selectedvalue not updating-44

If your List/Combobox/etc contains a list of strings, it'll be a string.

The Items Source works, the Selected Item gets filled but doesn't display in the combobox.

When the binding occurs, it is trying to see if the objects match so make sure you are properly implementing your equality checking. I implemented IEquatable on My Object and match the fields and return true. If I add a Textbox bound to the Property it is showing the correct information upon return to the page.

In this case, the selecteditem bind doesn't work, because the hash id of the objects are different.

I've seen this question pop around, and wanted to have a 1 stop reference to solve the issue for people trying to figure it out.

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