Shoshanna lonstein dating

A door on the roof of the building was also broken and was likely the source of entry, sources told the Post.

Gruss had been documenting her vacation on Instagram and sharing photos of her and her family while away.

New York City socialite Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss is most famous for dating comedian Jerry Seinfeld at the height of his sitcom success in the mid-'90s.

“Rather than ‘Shoshanna,'” she said, “it’s always ‘shapely Shoshanna.’ To have it be a sexual part of your body is very difficult. T., the upscale Madison Avenue eatery that charges $14 for a grilled cheese sandwich.

It’s different if it’s long legs.” Indeed, it is taking time for people to take her seriously. “It’s wild.” ‘I Like to Play’ A few weeks before her Bloomingdale’s appearance, Ms. She wore a belted camel coat, jeans, boots, a sweater and not a bit of makeup.

Sure, Jerry is funny and entertaining on stage, but at home, in the stillness of the night, he and we, must realize silliness cannot afford the luxury of riches that plow fallow fields.

Let’s start with Jerry’s first open mocking of morality and propriety as a public person with his wrongful wooing of the 17-year-old beautiful Jewish Princess prize Shoshanna Lonstein.

Her collections, specialized for large-busted women, are carried in 250 stores across the nation.

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