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(Although some scenes actually were filmed in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, most of the movie was shot in South Africa.) Does he go or does he stay?In one storyline, Harper reluctantly agrees to go along for the ride, and winds up on a circuitous route that places all three travelers in close contact with an inconveniently suspicious cop (Gbenga Akinnagbe) and a dangerously impatient drug dealer (potently played by John Lynch).Sheridan was dating Amy Winehouse's ex Reg Traviss until they split in January, and Russell has been linked to countless women since his divorce from Katy Perry in 2011.

While drowning his sorrows in a seedy bar, Harper makes the mistake of chatting up Johnny Ray (Emory Cohen of “Brooklyn”), a mood-swinging bad boy whose tough talk probably isn’t mere bluster, and then compounds his error by telling the thug about his ill regard for his stepdad.

“Sliding Doors,” Peter Howitt’s 1998 split-level comedy starring Gwyneth Paltrow, ingeniously alternated between two different paths taken by the same character, each depending on whether she caught or missed an underground train on a fateful afternoon.

Miss Barnes played the role as alternate to Miss Smith in the West End, and is currently sharing it with her on the tour.

Miss Barnes got a standing ovation from the audience last night.

I don't mind - all my friends are settled with kids, so I can understand people asking, and I even get it from relatives, but I'd be a fool to miss these work opportunities. One day I'll find my prince, but at the minute, I'm enjoying kissing a few frogs.

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