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Van Santen first appeared as a finalist on NBC's reality television series Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search but was eliminated in the series' first episode. Starring alongside Mischa Barton, the film premiered in Russia on January 25, 2011, and as You and I in the United States a year later.

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I think she is worth it, but no matter what I do, she just doesn’t seem to trust me for real. There’s nothing that you can do to show your girlfriend that you are worthy.

We have been dating for three months and I can see myself marrying her. Some of the most faithful, genuine, honest people have their character questioned no matter what they do.

Silence is one of the biggest relationship-killers.

You need to verbalize what's going on in your relationship, not only with one another, but talk about work, your interests and your goals.

I'LL ALWAYS ADMIRE: Friends around me who I see being compassionate and not selfish.

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