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Tlie QMS Jet Script Controller and die Cancn printer bodi Iwe a 1 year wananty and a 30 Day Money Back Guaontee.

.# •FEATURES' • Canon laser printer, 300 dpi, Sppm or 1 1 ppm, 300,000 page life with 120 sheet paper cassette.

3], That there was argument at the time about using the bomb is historical fact.

Eisenhower, Stimson, Leahy, and Lemay were not privy to the internal Japanese documents that we can now view.

•BENEFITS" • World's leading manufacturer of high quality, durable print- ers. BECHTOLD Compaq's window of opportunity, a laptop (with Desk Slale!

Uses same toner cartridge as original HP Laser Jet and Apple Liser Writer. Circle R«ad«r Service Number 206 connpu TE JUNE 1991 VOLUME 13 -NO, 6 -ISSUE 130 Edttorial Lfcense 6 PETER SCISCO Mullimedia isn't a new phenomenon, but ii could usher in a new era of com- puting. ], new strides in memor' and batterj' technology', Microsoft and IBM on speaking terms again, portable software, digital color for black-and-white movies, tennis servers, diminutive Sidekick, and more computing news. 20 DAVID ENGLISH Live video in a window on your PC screen?

Also included is our own specially rcmanufiouid toner cartridge with improved toner for ridier bbcb, Jet Script was des'elqied jointly by Adobe Sjstems, QMS and Hewlerc-Packiiid to bring tlte power d Postscript to the HP Laser Jet Series II.

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