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Sentencing Luff at Leicester Crown Court, Judge Nicholas Dean QC told him: "For most of the period that you've been addicted to pornography you've worked as a school teacher, and I've read that you've been very successful in your career as a teacher."I want to emphasise that in no way, shape or form did your use of pornography - or attempt at offending – involve any children in your care."Had it done so, it's crystal clear you'd have been facing a lengthy sentence of imprisonment."There's no suggestion you actually engaged in sexual activity with children."These offences are serious and the offending falls into such a category that would justify a short term of imprisonment."It's important to say, however, that the sentencing guidelines indicate, where there's a significant prospect of rehabilitation, an alternative to custody can be appropriate."Your reaction to being uncovered as a sex offender was unusually candid and you've voluntarily sought help for what had become an addiction."You've lost your career.That is of itself a significant punishment."And, no doubt, for the rest of your adult life, you'll be haunted by these convictions."I'm confident you won't offend again."Victoria Rose, prosecuting, said: "On April 22, 2015, a search warrant was executed at the defendant's home."He told the officers he had an old computer in the attic which was seized and examined."Miss Rose said that as well as illegal images downloaded from the internet, there was evidence of Skype and social media activity with exchanges between the defendant and school children.

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If found criminally responsible, there could be a long-term consequence."Since he's 14, he's facing the possibility of being put on the sex registry. The so-called Romeo and Juliet law protects those who have consensual sex with someone within three years of their age. A spokesman declined to comment due to juvenile privacy concerns.

The sex registry is for people who are absolute criminals, pedophiles, child molesters, dangerous people. So, in Texas a 17-year-old can legally have sex with a 14-year-old , but if either party is under 14, like the girl in this case, the law does not apply."Every parent needs to know if you have a son or daughter who's sexually active," she warned. Juvenile court judges decide whether delinquents are placed on the registry, which has happened, according to two attorneys who defend juveniles.

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At the time of the incident he was wearing a distinctive red Adidas top with blue jeans.

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