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Tonight is one of those nights, and soon Leah will head to Jim’s penthouse apartment, where the rest of the evening, she says, will probably entail “hanging out, watching something, having sex.” “She’ll usually spend the night,” Ryan adds nonchalantly, which gives him a chance to enjoy some time alone or even invite another woman over.

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Red Rocks Park and Garden of the Gods may be the state’s best-known destinations for exploring impressive red sandstone outcroppings, but this state park right outside of Denver isn’t messing around when it comes to impressive views.

And as the home to a number of native species, including black bears, foxes, mule deer, and golden eagles, you’re likely to spot some wildlife while you’re taking in the scenery.

You could basically head down any trail in the San Juan Mountains and be rewarded with ridiculously beautiful scenery, but this series of three turquoise-hued lakes tucked into the high country may be the best. Head to the Western border of the state where you’ll find a high desert landscape filled with canyons, spires, and arches.

It’s a strenuous 11-mile round-trip hike to see all three lakes, but the hard part is leaving once you’ve seen this tranquil spot in person. For the best views of the nation’s second-largest concentration of natural arches, take the Rattlesnake Canyon Arches Trail -- the hike is tricky, so it’s not recommended for inexperienced hikers, but views like this have to be earned.

"But the other side of me was concerned about what this means in terms of intimacy and how the dynamics would work." When Leah and Ryan met at a wedding four years ago, they didn’t expect to develop this type of arrangement.

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