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It was an adaptable chassis, too — the Valiant was the basis of the Dodge Dart, early Plymouth Barracudas, and the Pacer — economy and racing cars, panel vans and coupes.

All Duster Demon Chrysler 3700Barracuda Pacer Drifter Police “Darts and Valiants were the Energizer bunnies of compact cars, and many are still on the roads, their reputation for longevity intact.” — The New York Times The Valiant was launched in 1959.

Oh and it’s a 426 Hemi 2×4 car that was touched by Mr. If there is such a thing as the Holy Grail of Mopars, this just might be it!

Just being a ’69 Charger R/T Hemi car makes it incredibly special and insanely valuable, add in that it’s a documented low mileage survivor that has ties to Mr. You really need to have a look at this Charger here on e Bay in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a current bid of $90k. The engine looks to be in fantastic condition, but there’s no word on whether it runs or not. Norm actually did any work to this car or if it just was sold at his dealership in Chicago.

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European in feel, with its high-revving engine and torsion-bar suspension, it had an alternator — a Chrysler first for standard production cars.

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