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You can even perfect your selfie before posting it on Instagram — try lengthening your lashes, brightening your complexion, or even coloring your hair.

Meanwhile, Modi Face lets you try celebrity makeup looks, and Perfect365 just teamed up with legendary makeup artist Kabuki to bring new life to the category.

Needless to say, we were excited to see what they came up with.

Fed up with spending her days moving paperwork around her desk and making models of the Taj Mahal out of paperclips, she packed it all in to go to university in Bristol and graduated as a mature student in 2006 with a degree in linguistics and history.

After graduating, she worked at a university in the Midlands for a while, again moving all that paperwork around, before finally leaving to embark on her dream career as a writer.

That closes a gap in the law that was identified last year, when an estate agent caused two young girls to strip in his office and, regrettably, there was no offence with which he could be charged.

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