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This is a familiar attitude–that if something can’t be done perfectly, and all at once, then it must be a waste of time.Also, the assumption that Zanzu is a propaganda machine designed to “sweep away the socialization and cultural conditioning” is itself naïve.It also ignores the fact that education is the single most important factor in any kind of change.

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UPDATED: Police in Cologne have "no leads" on the perpetrators behind dozens of sex attacks committed against women in the western cathedral city on New Year's Eve, officials said at a press conference on Tuesday.

It is hardly ever used for humans in the sense of "courtship", except as a derogatory expression, if you want to emphasize the animalistic part of it (e.g.

you might refer to a gang of horny teenagers trying to get some girls' attention as "balzende Kinder"), but even that is rarely done.

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