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This is, insists Linney, far cheaper for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) than buying and maintaining the infrastructure. So we ask Maureen and she says she's not done it since before she went on holiday.When users are warned that their free trials are coming to an end, the response, he grins, is: "not on your Nelly" But what about data security? You can almost hear Linney's internal groan as the oft-asked questions are raised, but he answers in his affable manner, only occasionally showing the sharpness that enabled him to thrive in both law and banking before breaking free. So we test the tape and it's broken." Outsourcery owns two data centres that provide backup and real-time replication of information.

"When companies ask, 'Are you reliable, are you resilient? It is also building a primary virtual platform that will be hosted in a new, state-of-the-art data centre guarded by "the highest security and resilience, as well as extremely high availability guarantees up to government standard", says Linney.

This new platform will allow Outsourcery to scale up the business and work with large corporates and the public sector.

Si vous souhaitez assurer une confidentialité à vos correspondances, il est possible de chiffrer vos messages, pour : - Être sûr que le message vient de vous - Être sûr que le message n'a pas été modifié - Être sûr que le message n'est pas lu par un autre.

70 tests et 30 suites de benchmarks déja disponibles... À venir (octobre) : modèles compatibles et pilotes Linux chez Brother, Canon, HP et Samsung.

- Der Vielnutzer telefoniert acht Stunden in der Schweiz, 20 Minuten nach Deutschland, verschickt 100 SMS innerhalb der Schweiz, 15 ins Ausland und braucht 2 GB Daten pro Monat.

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