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Here are 8 benefits to having a Costco membership that you probably didn’t even know about.

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"Consumers are able to save money on the types of things they already like to buy, and don't need to bring coupons to a store to get the rewards," says Dani Cushion, chief marketing officer for card-linked marketing firm Cardlytics.

"It's simple to use, and the rewards are highly relevant since they're based on past purchase data." It's an idea that appeals to many shoppers.

A bottle of Dom Perignon is $139.99, a 3-pack of WD-40 lubricant is $10.99, and so on.

But every now and then, you’ll come across a product with a price ending in .97.

If you've ever used Bank Ameri Deals, Discover Deals, Amex Offers, or a dining rewards programs such as AAdvantage Dining, you've used a card-linked offer program.

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