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When oh and I got together (12years ago) we were at it like rabbits, now I'd rather just get a good nights sleep!

Hubby jokes that he has to get me drunk but even then I'd still just snuggle.

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We do manage it occasionally and when we do its great, but I dont think a 2 and 4yo, as well as a 15yo who's room is below ours really helps!! Sent from my GT-I9300 using Netmums mobile app There's one u can get in ann summers called pink Venus I think. Takes about an hour to kick in - does work slightly but isn't brilliant. It's more effective if used on an empty stomach - so no romantic meals before hand lol x Lol that's what I was like.

You won't feel like tearing his clothes off but it will put your body in the mood if you catch my drift.

We could all take a cue from the bespectacled middle schooler in our love lives and journey through womanhood.

The other day I was texting someone and I was talking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I wanted to say it's cute when she makes that [high-pitched sex sound a woman makes] sound when she's fighting.

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