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The new US President is signing two executive orders today to allow the building of the Keystone XL and the Dakota Access pipelines, Bloomberg has reported.

Bloomberg’s source, who reportedly has an intimate knowledge of his movements, has insisted on anonymity because they were not authorised to confirm moves ahead of a formal announcement.

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Wisconsin, a dairy state, and no stranger to artificial insemination (the ultimate fisting), felt should be limited to cheeses and milk byproducts. Cross state lines and you could find yourself in cuffs (and not the good kind). Sexual role-playing is like a leap from kindergarten to a master’s degree. ”“National statistic,” I said.“That doesn’t make us rape fantasists. Obviously, hedonism doesn’t cross state lines the way political support does.

Even the question “Would you date someone just for the sex? I have a friend down in Wyoming, an accountant by trade. Nothing wrong with role-playing — ” I could hear Helen smacking him across the head, “ — between two consenting adults, of course. ”I told him quite a few — I mean, I don’t know how 350,000 respondents breaks out by state, but obviously George wasn’t satisfied. ”“So sexual role-playing is just a sign of Republican solidarity? “I doubt you’ll find a rape fantasist within a hundred miles of here.”“Where are they then? And stop thinking this has anything to do with cattle. Republicans may agree on who’s presidential material, but not sex, or even the stability achieved by standing during sex like cattle and the majority of elk. I went online and asked if Wyomingites connect sex with animal husbandry.

22-22-7.6 Sexual acts between jail or juvenile correctional facility employees and detainees--Felony.

22-22-7.7 Subsequent conviction of rape of or sexual contact with a child under sixteen as felony.

22-22-7.4 Sexual contact without consent with person capable of consenting as misdemeanor.

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