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One of my direct reports is a woman who is absolutely kick-ass at what she does, but I don’t think she bathes frequently and I suspect she’s wearing dirty clothes to work sometimes. It isn’t body odor exactly, but there is a definite funky smell that lingers even after she walks away.Someone mentioned that he hates having her come see him in the morning because he’ll be smelling her in his office all day. I can only imagine what those who don’t are saying. You really have to be working at it for your slovenly appearance to be noted and commented on.That line can be expanded by up to another 0 million if the company and the lender agree.

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The company has staved off death by borrowing money, but how long can that last? 28 at $8.18 and rallied on the news of the new line of available borrowing to close the next day at $9, a 10% gain. The company posted a loss of $748 million in its fiscal third quarter this year, up from a $454 million loss in Q3 2015.

News that Sears Holdings had lined up a new credit facility sent shares of the company dramatically higher Thursday, Dec. The stock gained on the idea that the company behind Sears and Kmart had bought itself a little time even if the money it now has access to will not cover its 2017 debt-servicing needs. In addition, revenue dropped by $721 million in Q3.

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