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Albeit, they stand far apart - an ocean to be exact, since they have a long-distance relationship. "She lived here for the first two years we were together."" data-reactid="23""It's coming up on three years, and now she lives in Australia," the Redding, Calif. "She lived here for the first two years we were together."PHOTOS: Out and proud celebs" data-reactid="24"PHOTOS: Out and proud celebs The Seattle Sounders Women midfielder, who will play with the U. women's soccer team in the London Summer Olympics later this month, is pretty used to their arrangement by now.

"Most people who are in a relationship on our team, it's basically long distance because we're gone so much," she says.

"You have to have the right personality to go the distance we go and go the time we go.

It's not for everyone."PHOTOS: LGBT allies in Hollywood" data-reactid="26"PHOTOS: LGBT allies in Hollywood But as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it's easier when a significant other is on the same page.

After scoring a goal in the friendly, Walsh ended her international career when she was substituted out in the 54th minute.

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