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Continue reading Eminence is proud to introduce the following high quality pro audio and musical instrument products for 2017.Despite its minute size, the 1” exit N151M-8 ring radiator compression driver delivers monumental performance.

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As the Santa Cruz Guitar Company gears up for its birthday celebration, Hoover is making plans for a series of guitars using locally-grown wood that give new meaning to the term “vintage.” He has a piece of California sycamore — now a 6-inch thickness of board, just 30 inches long and 10 wide — that fell into the San Lorenzo River and washed downstream to Santa Cruz.

During a recent excavation for new townhomes, the log was unearthed from 30 feet of silt, where Hoover believes it was buried 5,000 years ago.

It fell under the influence, administratively, of the larger Roman villa of Conímbriga (in Condeixa-a-Nova), until the latter was sacked by the Sueves and Visigoths between 569 and 589 and abandoned.

It became the seat of a diocesis, replacing Conímbriga.

The first electronic loudspeaker designs were introduced in the 1920’s, and while there have been many improvements in component materials over the decades, not much has changed in the basic functionality of a loudspeaker: a permanent magnet interacts with an electromagnet (voice coil) to move a cone back and forth to produce sound waves. Morgan has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Georgia and a Ph. in Physical Chemistry from Emory University in Atlanta.

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