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Additionally, “single” according to the Census means anyone who isn’t married, so even long-term relationships don’t come into the picture at all. It’s singles by age and zip code in the SF Bay Area. And yes, this map doesn’t account for sexuality at all, so there are plenty of men in those blue zones with zero interest in women.

Use the age range sliders to get it to an area that’s meaningful to you, I’ve started it off at 20-34. The only outpost with an excess of single women in San Francisco is Pacific Heights, although if you believed Wikipedia’s list of Notable Residents it’d be 80% male (cough).

We will organize events so you can meet and socialize with like-minded singles.

We understand that sometimes meeting new people can be nerve-wracking but will do everything we can to make you feel welcome and be part of BAS 40 .

That being said, you don’t have to let the cost of dating be yet another money stressor.

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